Menard's NHRA Heartland Nationals - Topeka

Menard's NHRA Heartland Nationals - Topeka

Qualified: No. 12

“I think I’m always confident, and it’s not a blind confidence. We have a great track record, and us struggling on Saturdays does not mean that we’ll struggle on Sundays. The conditions are going to be significantly different tomorrow, and I’ve got the three best crew chiefs out here. They’ll think about this all night.

“That’s why it’s so important to unload with a good run. Our 4.08 from Q1 is actually the run that qualified us. In two other sessions we were running significantly quicker early on, but smoked the tires and didn’t make it, so I’m content that we came out of the box with a conservative run. I also think we can piece together the three runs that didn’t make it and come up with a tune-up that will give us a good, quick car for tomorrow.”

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Introducing the 2018 Infinite Hero Foundation Challenge Coin - a tribute to Terry Chandler

About the 2018 IHF Tribute Coin
Introducing the 2018 Infinite Hero Foundation Challenge Coin - a tribute to Terry Chandler

Since the Infinite Hero Foundation Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car hit the track at the sixth event of the season near Houston in April 2014, Beckman has been the pitchman for educating the NHRA community on the foundation and cultivating funds via the sale of Infinite Hero challenge coins.


About Jack Beckman

…overjoyed at the fact that I am now in my twelfth year of remission, have a gorgeous wife and two perfect children, and have the job that I’d always dreamed of.

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About Jack Beckman
Survivor's Story

Survivor's Story

Driving a 330+mph Top Fuel dragster isn’t the most courageous thing Jack Beckman has ever done. In fact, it isn’t even a close second.

In 2003, Beckman achieved a life long dream when he won the NHRA Lucas Oil Super Comp national championship. However, his celebration was short lived as he soon began experiencing health problems that were ultimately diagnosed as high grade level 3B lymphoma, a cancer that had invaded his body from
hip to neck.

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